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You know what I love about PDF patterns? What really makes me excited about them? I mean, other than the fact I don’t have to deal with that evil bloody tissue paper that seems to be the mainstay of paper patterns.

The designers. Instead of some big brand name, I feel like when I purchase a pattern I get the opportunity to make a connection. I know that instead of supporting some big entity, I’m helping put someone’s little through dance, or chipping in just a little bit towards that big family vacation.

Melanie Henry from Filles a Maman is one of those designers that I just really feel like I’ve managed to get to ‘know’ a little through her designs. The Extraordinary Girl top was the first pattern of hers I had the opportunity to sew and showcase, and when I got an email from her inviting me to showcase her Petit Oiseau, well, it was a little flattering. Melanie’s designs are practical, and more importantly, simple quick sews that are play friendly. Win freaking win.

M needed some longs sleeves as it was, so it was easy to make the selfish decision to take this one on, not to mention the unique design. Now, we aren’t the ruffles type around here, so when I had a peek at the pattern and realized I could make it in a more streamlined manner that suited our style and lifestyle, I knew this was a win.


I’ve had this woodland animal knit literally forever. Ok, well, since before M, which for me is forever. At one point I think it became a small infant pillowcase cover, but was again reclaimed to my stash when she graduated to a toddler pillow. So when I saw how little I needed for the accent piece, I was THRILLED. One strip was all I would need to really showcase a print that held a special place for me.


As for the rest of the shirt, I’d purchased this fabulous 4 way knit to make myself some yoga pants. Forever again. Obviously, this has no resemblance to yoga pants but instead was a fabulous weight for a winter long sleeve, and was nice and stable to sew up.


As always, Melanie’s pattern is very easy to follow, and gives you the option of folding over your neckline or binding it. I chose to bind, as I feel like, for me, that’s what takes it from homemade to handmade. The hems on the sleeves and shirt are simply folded over however.

The pattern went together nicely, and while I originally made a size larger for our test muslin, I chose to size back down so that the shirt fits tighter around the hips but remains roomy around the chest and underarms. The result in a shirt that stays in place (and helps cut down on sweet little lady plumber crack) but allows her freedom of movement as she dances and plays. Melanie also made the pattern to fit 12 months through 14, which is a FANTASTIC range.

Which really, regardless of how utterly adorable she looks, is all that matters.


Well, at least to me. Now – to you? Here is the good stuff that matters:

Melanie has the pattern on sale for you all. Check out her shop and grab your copy for $6USD from Monday November 30th through Friday December 5th.


But wait! Melanie has also teamed up with a boat load of other designers to come up with a phenomenal Rafflecopter giveaway. We are talking a prize of 21 patterns. 21!!! Pretty sure I don’t even own patterns from all these designers, so I’m a little jealous there.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Go have a peek at all the other phenomenal makes from the rest of the amazing ladies who are touring along!!

Monday, November 30th: Call AjaireNeedle and TedPaisley RootsHouse of Estrela
Tuesday December 1st: Coffee and ThreadSew ThriftyConversas de Hermanas
Wednesday December 2nd: Just Add FabricSprouting JubeJubeThread Riding HoodFrom a Box
Thursday December 3rd: Rebel and MaliceSew Shelly SewCreate 3.5Made by Sara
Friday December 4th: A Jennuine LifeSew Out of ControlPetit à Petit and Family

6 thoughts on “Petit Oiseau Blog Tour

  1. I love twist you gave the shirt. No rules will work here either, but the patter looks fun and great on your model.

  2. You are so sweet! Thanks a lot for your kind words! Your shirt look amazing, exactly like you bought the fabric specially for this! 🙂 Your little is such a cutie too! Hugs xxx

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