Cpt Comfort Jeans

So, this is one of those forever-in-the-making projects. Pretty sure I bought the pattern FOREVER ago with the best of intentions. I even remember buying the fabric thinking it would be PERFECT for this pattern. And then….um….someone tell me this part is totally normal. You know, the part where you keep buying more and more and more patterns. Cause you must have them all. Just to sit there and, well, get filed away.

Well, with preschool coming up and some lengthening little lady legs (A+ for alliteration there people) I figured it was time. And it is SO hard to find ‘real’ jeans for M that aren’t jeggings. I also wanted her to be able to pull them up and down without having to do snaps and zippers, despite the fact that she is perfectly able, as I’ve discovered that when a 3.5 year old is excited playing with other kids their ‘pee radar’ is seriously impaired, resulting in MAD dashes to the washroom with barely enough time to get on the can.


The Cpt Comfort Pants by Patterns for Pirates totally fit the bill for preschool. They look like ‘real’ jeans, are comfy enough to run and play and tumble in, and are easy for M to get on and off.


Oh, and did I mention that with the perfect duck denim they totally rock? (minus the butt duck bum – bit of a cutting whoops! I mean, it just adds to their charm, right?)


Lots of fun little authentic jean details, and they look way harder to put together than they actually were. Loved the pattern and the tips throughout. Of course, working with denim means proper needles and going a little slower, but totally worth it. Attaching the knit waistband was probably the most tedious part, not because of difficulty but because of the bulk. But I love the knit waistband because it gets rid of the good ol’ panty peek on the playground.


And for those not feeling the faux waistband in addition to the knit, there is the option for just the knit waistband (as well as an option for lining the pants too!) This isn’t my only Patterns for Pirates pattern, though it’s the first I sewed up and I know I’ll be breaking out the rest I own after making this one!

Seriously love these. And so does M. Win win, right?

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