First Day of Preschool

So so often, I tell myself I’m going to start an amazing little tradition with M and carry it on for years and years to come, creating amazing and wonderful memories that she will hold with her forever. And then the event or holiday or whatever the heck it is suddenly is upon me and….ya, nope. First day of preschool is suddenly upon me (after being ‘reminded’ by my sister-in-law that I should probably get around to registering her) and I of course haven’t made that utterly adorable little ‘first day of school’ sign that you see all the wee hopeful children holding up in photos.

But you know what I DID get done? A dress. And thank you very much it’s way cooler than some dumb sign cause not everyone can pull that off so there (ok, honestly, I can’t even pull off the sign apparently so I don’t really mean that. I’m just telling myself it so I can feel better about the usual parent fail).


I decided that I wanted to use one of my girlfriend Allison’s patterns, a fabulous PDF pattern designer I’ve been lucky enough to have in my real life and not just FB life, but I had to pick which one. I was torn between the Holly Dress and Dress No19. I asked Allison which was her favourite, and the Holly Dress was chosen.

I knew I wanted white on top and denim for the skirt, so I let M pick between the various lightweight denim I had on hand. She picked a gorgeous white on blue polka dot and I pulled a piece of white on white chevron I had from making her Baby Doll Basket forever ago. This was the last of it too – so I felt a little nostalgic. Why is it always so hard to use up the last of something in your stash??


So, pintucks. I LOVE them. But with a chevron tonal print, it gets interesting. It turned out beautifully (though you really need to see that in person to appreciate my awesome lining-up-ness) however it is definitely time-consuming with all the pressing and stitching that needs to happen. And of course, when Allison designs a pattern she makes sure all the seams are enclosed if possible (me thinks she may be a little OCD).

Oh, and I can tell you, she heard about it. Because to enclose all the bodice seams there is hand stitching involved. I HATE hand stitching. Hate Hate Hate. And since she picked which pattern I was using I took it as a personal affront that she could do that to me. You should see the text message conversation when I got to that part of the pattern. And of course, I got impatient and when I didn’t get it lined up just right, I kind of said ‘screw it’ and let the front gather just the tiniest little bit. Which just adds to the dress, right?


Love the dress though. And so does M. And apparently so does my mother’s tenant, which subsequently led to a conversation with my mother regarding the material and TIME costs of making a dress like this when I was requested to make one for her tenant’s daughter this Christmas. I guess I have another of these in my future.

Damn Allison and her hand stitching. *POST EDIT* It’s been recently brought to my attention that Allison’s co-conspirator in the stinking hand stitching was Deb of Sprouting JubeJube!! Allison – this does NOT mean you are forgiven. Just so you know 😉


4 thoughts on “First Day of Preschool

  1. Very sweet dress! I must say we are very similar in our awesome thought preparation of adorable traditions, but lack in the follow through 🙂 love the dress 🙂

  2. Gaaaahhhhh!!! She looks so cute in her new dress! I feel famous reading this, lol. Your hand stitching is awesome-sauce… and so are you for making your little one such a cute dress! Love your fabric choices. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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