Mandy K Pattern Hack


Ok, so I don’t mash up patterns. I just don’t. Or at least, I thought that I didn’t. Then Deb from Sprouting JubeJube once again tempted me to try something a little new. I even attempted to talk myself out of it – I swear. To no avail. Obviously.

I struggled with this challenge at first. Every time I thought ‘costume’ and perused Mandy K’s patterns……PRINCESSES!!! That’s all I could see. It was like a visual block. And while I ADORE princesses, and the Mandy K patterns are perfect for them, I knew that someone else would go there. But then it hit me as I was looking at The Tilt and Twirl Dress….poodle skirt! But, the bodice just wasn’t quite right…. Now, The bodice of the English Rose Dress – that’s more what I was thinking.

So, I figured, if I’m going to attempt mashing patterns for the first time, using the same designer sounds like the perfect place to start! Hopefully sizing would line up ok when I swapped one bodice out for the other, and we could go from there.

So, what I have dubbed M’s Malt Shoppe Dress was created. I had some pale ‘nurse green’ poly on hand that had been passed along from an adored Granny’s stash (and I mean, what more could I ask for when making a vintage inspired outfit that actual vintage fabric). But I’ll tell you – that stuff is a NIGHTMARE to work with! The polka dots came from one of my favourite fabric shops in Vancouver, Atex Designer Fabrics, and being good ol’ quilting cotton it was much more agreeable.


The skirt of the dress is 100% The Tilt and Twirl Dress pattern, and the bodice entirely The English Rose Dress. The sash was of my own creation, as the sashes for both patterns just didn’t fit my retro vision quite right.


The patterns themselves were a relatively simple sew due to the bodices having exposed seams. The tutorial was VERY thorough – and while helpful I don’t recommend printing it if you can view it on your computer or iPad. I sent off to hubby at work the two patterns to print for me without reviewing them first, and when he printed them (tutorials included) he got some seriously inquisitive looks from others as he stood (and stood and stood) at the copier waiting for them to finish.


The two patterns mashed up great, and overall the dress was a quick sew. While the bodice is lined, there are exposed seams. If you’re making the dress to sell, that may be a consideration in your overall construction. As I mentioned, neither of the included sashes really worked for me, so I just whipped up a standard sash of my own. I also chose to do a rolled hem on both layers of the skirt for simplicity.


Now, while the dress was simple to sew up, getting it on an agreeable preschooler for photos was a nightmare. So I apologize for the less than glamorous shots, as the weather here on the rainy Wet (I mean West) Coast just wasn’t cooperating.


Check out the rest of the ladies’ amazing creations, and once you are sufficiently inspired (as I’m sure you will be!) pop on by Mandy K Designs for 30% off through October 11th using the code MKDblogtour2015!


4 thoughts on “Mandy K Pattern Hack

    • Awe! Thanks Kim! I’ve been watching yours like crazy on instagram – I cannot get over how adorable she is. I need to get blogging again so it doesn’t seem like M magically grew up overnight 😉

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