Otium Tour – Getting back in the Groove!

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So, once again, Deb from Sprouting JubeJube got me hook, line, and sinker. Cool thing was, it was another pattern from Sofilantjes – the Otium. After making M’s daddy a VERY handsome hoodie (which he wears constantly I’m excited to say!) I knew that this one would be a great sew. And, this time, I decided I was going to sew for ME!

Let’s be honest – how often do we neglect sewing for ourselves? I get it’s harder with all those curves, varying body types, etc etc. But really, don’t you think it’s time we all took a little time to spoil ourselves? I figured this knit top would be a perfect way to get my momma sewing groove on.


So I dove into my stash and found this super thin, but very pretty blue floral knit I’d been kind of hoarding. It was too thin to use as a main piece, but the slash front pocket option on the Otium is perfect for it. Did I mention the Otium has NUMEROUS options with varying sleeve lengths, necklines, bows, backs, a pocket and so on? Very versatile. But I figured that pocket would be the perfect place to feature that fabulous print.

So, I studiously cut out all my fabric using a heavier weight yellow knit as my main. And through blurry eyed naps and post bedtimes, I put it all together (it’s a quick sew, but when you’re struggling through shift work and a non-napping toddler, nothing comes together quickly). Finally, with a satisfied smile, I held it up – and wanted to CRY!

I chose the scoop back option, but opted out of the bow (just isn’t my idea of a mom shirt). I figured it would be so pretty. But little did I realize as I constructed it, and going on auto-pilot and assuming the lower neckline was the front…. Well, you see where this is going, right? When I put it on, well, let’s just say it was REALLY not mom appropriate! And the drape on the yellow fabric? While it felt really nice and pretty, in reality it pulled the living heck out of the neckline with it’s weight.

Of course, I over reacted, threw a fit, and tossed the whole dang thing. When you use a triple stretch stitch on your machine, it’s a pain to tear out and I didn’t want to bother.

So, I re-cut, using up the last of my precious blue knit. This time I opted for a lighter weight jersey (thank goodness for thrifted sheets!) and took another run at it. This time, MUCH better! I did tack down the front of the pocket above the chest to cut down on some gaping there, but I’m small chested and did expect it.


So – off to take pictures. And I can say, now I know why M usually pitches a fit when I attempt to get pics of her in her new duds. It sucks! I didn’t realize how much I hate posing for the camera, an I’m pretty sure M’s daddy was quite enjoying my discomfort about the whole thing. Seriously, he was like this annoying fashion photographer attempted to get all fancy smancy. And I may have been a little disagreeable…


Seriously, it’s awkward. And I can’t see myself in a mirror, so you’re constantly re-adjusting.


Go check out some of the other goodness being produced by some other lovely ladies. This pattern is fabulous in that it offers so many different options, and is so quick to bring together. It comes in both girls and womens, and is on sale for both the individual patterns and both sizes bundled up from Sofilantes during the blog tour. Oh, and of course there is a pattern giveaway from a multitude of fabulous sponsors. Get in on that!

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Monday, January 26th
Tuesday, January 27th

6 thoughts on “Otium Tour – Getting back in the Groove!

  1. Lol, this brought a smile. The finished shirt is cute, I love the contrast =) and the look on you face! Have I mentioned lately how awesome you are? =D I definitely want one of these tops. All Bows for me!

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  3. I love the pictures! I have yet to brave sewing for myself let alone photographing myself. You did great!

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