Dapper Daddy

Once again, the wonderful Deb from Sprouting JubeJube managed to sucker me in – but this time, despite my promise to myself to stop all non-Christmas related sewing, I said yes because IT’S FOR AN ADULT! And not just any adult, a MALE! More spefically, M’s darling daddy.

So, I present to you, the Omni Tempore by Sofilantjes Blog Tour! This one is super exciting, because the Omni Tempore comes in both adult and child sizes. So you can essentially match up the entire family if you so feel inclined (and not in that horribly terrifying Christmas morning matching PJs matching kind of way).

Omni Tour

I elected to just sew for D, mainly because if I did one for M I would totally have no excuse for breaking my strict holiday sewing rules. At least this way I could say it was an opportunity to do something totally different!

And it was. For the first time I really had to pay attention to specific sizing, and to figure out how to adjust a pattern to make it more suitable. D is pushing 6’4″, so I knew that I was going to have to lengthen the body and sleeves. For the sleeves, I added about 3 inches to the cuff measurement, essentially lengthening them about 1.5 inches. All good there.


For the body, I used the largest size length the pattern offered (XS-XXXL! Awesome size range!). Then I also felt the need to add a couple inches to the band at the waist. EPIC FAILURE!! I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to get a pic, but apparently D isn’t too hot on being ridiculed online. The thing looked like a tunic! So, I cut a little length out of the body, left the waistband long, and LOVE it.


The pattern is super quick and easy to sew up. I chose the hooded full length option without the pocket to make it a little more slim looking. There are tons of tips in the pattern regarding selecting the correct measurement, lengthening and shortening sleeves, and tons of style options. The manner in which the hood attaches to the body of the top is fabulous, and definitely lends a unique style to the finished product. I was worried it would bother D by pulling at the neck, but he assures me it’s quite comfy, and now he isn’t dealing with those dang strings hanging down in front. I added a little more topstiching to the cuffs and waist band than the pattern called for, but that was entirely a personal preference.


For my very first foray into sewing for men, I’ll say this was a total success. Both in that the pattern came together very well, the fit was excellent, and the receipient even liked it. If you haven’t picked this one up yet, Sofilantjes will have it discounted in her shop for the duration of the tour, both for the adult and child sizes. This one will definitely be getting further use in our household – mama needs some cozy tops too! And for 30% off, you should go get yours here too!


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for some phenomenal prize packs. Look at all these goodies!!! (Deb, I’m a little annoyed I can’t enter – seriously, these rock!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize Pack #1
1.5 meters of fabric from Joy Fits Fabrics
Omni Tempore Pattern Bundle by Sofilantjes
Bustle Skirt Pattern by Koda Baby Boutique
1 Pattern of choice by Filles a Maman
1 Pattern of choice by Serger Pepper
1 Pattern of choice by E+M Patterns
1 Pattern of choice by Striped Swallow Designs
Prize Pack #2
1.5 meters of fabric from Joy Fits Fabrics
Omni Tempore Pattern Bundle by Sofilantjes
Grace Pattern by Rose & Lee Designs
1 Pattern of choice by Filles a Maman
1 Pattern of choice by Madeit Patterns
1 Pattern of choice by Dandelions n’ Dungarees
1 pattern of choice by FABulous Home Sewn


4 thoughts on “Dapper Daddy

  1. You are lucky! My husband would never be so nice to model for me : ). That is once again a perfect creation!

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