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Romber Tour

The very first designer I ever tested for was Little Kiwis Closet. Lydia took a leap of faith with me and let me test her Scalloped Princess Dress. Of course, at the time I wasn’t blogging (I was barely sewing really!) so I’ve never blogged about the dress. But anyway, that’s for another post.

Lydia recently created yet another wonderful PDF for us all – the Flutterby Romper. I told myself I was going to ease off testing during the fall as I have 6 (yes 6!) nieces and nephews to sew for, not to mention M and other more adult family members I’d like to spoil a little. But I knew that if Lydia was releasing a new pattern it would be fabulous, with a TON of options (more about that latter) so I’d be missing out not to get to play this time around.

And play I did! Lydia is notorious for listening to her testers as we whine and beg for more options, and as we went along she threw us more and more fun stuff we could try out.

I made two versions of the romper. Hubby voted for a shorts version, and I had a great sheet I had picked up at a thrift store full of beach scenes that I knew I had to use. While it’s suddenly fall here (read: rainy West Coast) I felt like the print was meant for a romp on the sand. So I made the short sleeve and short version with my fun beach themed sheet. Of course, since the weather is not cooperating at all, neither is the ability to get some half decent outdoor photos since M would FREEZE out there in this one!

Since I was on a sheet kick, I had another that I *may* have been hoarding a little. My love of the vintage kicked in one day when I saw this sheet. I fell in LOVE. Seriously. LOVE. So I bought it, but it’s been sitting there waiting for the perfect pattern. So, the flutter sleeve long pants version was it!

IMG_1321 - Version 2

After cutting out the pattern, Lydia decided to do an amazing thing and add pockets to her pattern! Woot woot! I knew I had a fat quarter of a fabulous coordinating print that I wanted to use, but I didn’t want to have it just peeking out. So, PATTERN HACK!

Instead of cutting the pockets for the size 4, I cut the smallest size pockets that came with the pattern. I knew that I didn’t want the pockets on the inside, so I wouldn’t need the seam allowances. Instead, I attached a brilliant bright orange bias tape the the pocket edges, and stitched them RIGHT ON TOP of the pant leg. I lined them up with the outer seam of the pant, and used the pant leg essentially as the lining for the pocket.


This way the pockets seriously POP! Just remember, if you’re going to attach on top wtih bias tape that you really need to cut a smaller size than the pattern calls for, as you are not losing any size to the seam allowance at all. They are essentially just appliqued on top.

M LOVES them. She’s had no interest in pockets before, but now I think that may have been because she couldn’t see them. These ones are right in your face. She loved checking them out.

The second time I put the romper on her, she yelled “pockets!” as I pulled it up. And of course, due to my fabulous pattern choices (which my husband despises by the way!) she is my most adorable little hippie girl.


Lydia’s pattern is absolutely fabulous. Honestly, once you start to take in to account the various sleeve lengths, pant lengths, elastic options, neckline….I don’t know how many unique outfits you’d get out of this one. There is also a sash option, and a snap crotch option. And her tutorial is easy to follow – these were super quick to whip up. And as for customization – well, the options are endless.

The fit is wonderful. Some modifications to the length of the crotch have been changed since my two versions were made to allow for more ease when running around like a nut job, but overall the fit is perfect. M is currently potty training, so the nice thing about this romper is it pulls on and off SUPER easy, so I didn’t have to add snaps at all. This is the ultimate in play clothing!


Our beach version is going to have to wait until summer rolls around here on the rainy West Coast, but this hippie version? This bad boy is getting some wear!!


K, now go check out all these other wonderful bloggers to see what they’ve created, and grab a copy for yourself at 30% off in Lydia’s craftsy store!! Oh, and if you want to link up and get in on some serious fun, click on the link at the bottom of the post.

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5 thoughts on “My Little Hippie

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! The pockets were such a huge hit with M that I feel the need to ensure we have pockets in as many mama made items as possible 🙂

  1. Adorable’ I tested for Lydia once and she is so absolutely awesome. I love the pockets and the photos are so pretty!

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