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Well, if my post 2 days ago wasn’t enough, I’ve been invited to participate in ANOTHER Blog Hop. This one is a little different however. This is the Around the World Blog Hop, and I was invited to participate by my very very dear friend Stacey from Stacey in Stitches. It’s a fun little way to really explore all those cool things people do with their creativity, and maybe even become inspired along the way.

What Am I Working on Now?

On a literal level, I spent ‘nap’ time yesterday (and I say that very loosely since M decided a nap was not necessary) putting together the PDF pattern and selecting fabric for the Kensington Trousers by Terra’s Treasures. I haven’t made one of her patterns yet, but there are a couple PDFs of hers I’m itching to get going on.


I also have a couple other pieces cut out ready to sew – the Gardenia Dress by Cali Faye, a couple sweet pairs of flannel pj sets for Christmas eve – as well as a huge stash of Christmas gifts sitting in giant ziploc bags in various stages of completion. I even have a self-sewing project almost ready to start (which is exciting and intimidating all in itself). It’s the Minoru Jacket by Sewaholic Patterns. I have the most gorgeous purple bottom weight and half the notions ready to go, just a few more odds and ends to pick up (like the perfect zipper) and I can start cutting. It’ll be my first actual paper pattern, so I’m SUPER nervous about it. I’m spoiled with my PDFs… But at least Tasia has a sew-along posted online that I can use to help me fight my way through my first piece of selfishness!


How Does my work Differ from others of it’s Genre?

Hmmmm. This one is tough – especially since right now I sew primarily from PDF patterns, which inherently creates a lot of simliarity between pieces.

If I had to say, I guess I would say it differs based on my personal sense of style (my mother would tell you have I acutally have none). But when I sew, I usually sew for M or another family member when creating gifts. When I sew for M, I invision not only what I think would suit her, but I also get to create pieces that I feel reflect her needs, personality, and my love of vintage. When I pick a pattern to make, often times the designer or a tester conveys a sense of vintage style, while still repsecting the need for M to play and be 2.

I’m still finding ‘me’ in my genre. Children’s clothing seems to be my main focus, and there is a lot of people out there creating some seriously cute stuff. But with each piece, I discover who my machine and I are when we work together, and continue to grow that sense of unique style that I hope to pass along to M as she continues to participate in this creative process more and more.



Why Do I Write/Create what I Do?

As a young girl, I wrote. I loved to write poetry, short stories, anything that let me get my ideas down in to something tangible. My grandfather is a beautiful poet, however only known by those close to him, and he served as my inspiration.


My Inspirations then and now


As I grew, I found poetry left me. I still had the desire to write, but the words didn’t flow as freely as they once did. However, I still had this insatiable need to create, to expand, to feel productive.

I bought my sewing machine when I was VERY pregnant with M with all that nesting aspiration. And I did use it at first. I continued to use it once M was born to create small gifts for friends and family for all those special events that pop up in life. But it wasn’t until I bought my first PDF pattern for a dress for M that I hit it on the head. While the dress wasn’t perfect by any means, I will always remember it as the catalyst from which I jumped from ‘crafter’ to ‘sewist’ (sewer just sounds so dirty!)

The first dress

The first dress

So now, I express and create through clothing. I learn through clothing. When I sew, I feel alive and productive. When M dons something I’ve made, I feel proud. And when I get a note of gratitude and a picture of a little wearing something I’ve created, I feel an amazing sense of worth.

So, I create what I do because I’m entirely selfish and love the feeling, and because little people’s clothing just is my happy place.

How Does my Writing/Creating Process Work?

Hapazardly. Can I answer that in one word? No?

It all depends on the piece. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to participate in a pattern test, in which case the process starts with the pattern and moves into my stash.


Sometimes I see that amazing piece of fabric (you should see this denim I picked up at the Our Social Fabric sale this weekend – awesome initiative here in Vancouver, I recommend checking it out!) and I know I have to create with it. Sometimes I have a pattern in mind, and sometimes it’s just an idea of a pattern (that I now have to go see if it exists and proceed to buy it).

THE denim

THE denim

Of course there is also when I am simply inspired. I’ve found a couple AMAZING new sewist/bloggers that I follow, and I am constantly finding inspiration there. Depending on what it is, I either end up hunting for that amazing fabric they showcased, or that phenomenal pattern they’re testing, or just try to create my own version of that ‘feel’ they’ve managed to convey so beautifully.

And sometimes it arises from a need. When M needed a new rain jacket I hunted for the perfect pattern, then for the perfect fabric.


As I become more skilled, I find that a new step in my process is creeping in. I’m personalizing my work more and more. When testing it’s challenging, as you really want to ensure you are testing the pattern a designer is working on and not running all AWOL. But when it’s just for me (or M for that matter) I get to utilize tricks and skills I’ve learnt elsewhere. I get to break out that hot pink thread to topstitch, or put the pockets on top of the pant instead of in the seam. Or pull out that scrap of lace to add some fun, or those monogrammed custom buttons. THAT is what makes it really fun.

Hop Along

The best part of this particular Blog Hop is that I get to pick someone who inspires me to send everyone along to next. Not only to I get to shamelessly promote them, but I also get to find out that much more about them when they answer the 4 questions above. I’m passing the creative torch off to Kim at Kimmie Sew Crazy. This is one of those bloggers who just inpsires me. Not only does she have the MOST adorable little (next to M, I have to put M first – sorry Kim. Mommy responsibilities you know) but she is so kind and sweet. Her style is phenomenal, and her photography skills just amazing. She’s been a great new sewist in my world because she is humble and kind, and I’m just dying to know more about her process. And now I will!



6 thoughts on “Around the World Blog Hop

  1. Oh my gosh you are sooo organized! I am a scatter brain when it comes to planning out. I just really love this post! And your little gal is so adorable! I love the toddler chubby picture. For real I just about tear’d up regarding those wonderful comments about me! Thank you so much!!! And I must say I do not think I could sew a raincoat as well as you did. It’s for real amazing : ).

    • Awe – I meant every word of it Kim!! We should do a sew exchange some day – send some lovelies for the lovelies 😉 I cannot wait to read your post!!

  2. It is so fun to hear about the creator behind the creations! Your M is so cute. I also feel that sewist sounds so dirty. And seamstress for some reason. Maybe too much Terry Pratchett 😉

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m really enjoying learning about how everyone creates – it’s so inspiring. And M does her best to be adorable. I feel like I need to start posting pics of her throwing one of her epic tantrums though. You know, for accurate representation purposes 😉

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