Why not, right? Dress Pattern No.15 Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Well, welcome to my very first time on a BLOG TOUR!!! Check out the schedule below, and make sure to check out all these fabulous ladies and their creations. Ok, on with it.

Blog Tour

Pattern testing has this insane allure for me. I can’t design, so I am insanely jealous of all those that can. I yearn to be part of the creative process. However, with my work schedule, sewing time is limited.

When a testing call comes out, I have to do some quick math on the amount of hours I will actually have to sew, as well as decide if I have enough of the supplies on hand. Can I make the deadline? How many other projects will be put on hold? Does it work for this upcoming season, or will it sit in the closet for 9 months?

But then Allison of  E+M Patterns did a call out for Dress Number 15. It looked simple, cute, easily layered for fall, and I’d likely have most of what I need on hand. So, I threw my name in and forgot about it. Until I got THAT email. The one that’s says ‘thanks so much, let’s get this thing started’. Woohoo! I got picked!

I raided my stash and found a knit that had some great loft (my new word) so it would have decent weight for fall.

This pattern was a dream. One pattern piece (x2 of course) and a couple rectangles to cut. That’s it. Seriously.

Putting it together was easy peasy with beautifully written directions. Allison has a flair for writing tutorials – great quality and clarity in her photos and a super casual way of writing. And testing for her was a DREAM. This is a designer who is truly passionate about what she does, and really takes the time to get it right. I have a world of respect for that.

Since I was testing I stuck to the pattern, just swapping out for some contrasting ties to make it my own. But with such a simple pattern one could definitely get creative and jazz it up! It has a wonderful size range from 2-10, options for a straight or asymettrical hem, as well as those adorable gathered shoulders with ties.

M isn’t always thrilled about trying on my creations, but as I pulled this one on her she said ‘I like this shirt!’ Ya you do my love!

Oh, and a first for us. We were at a local county fall fair and I had a mom ask where I’d purchased it. While I swelled with pride I casually mentioned I made it. To which she sighed and said ‘damn, you may as well said you got it in France’.

I’ve officially made it – I’ve had my first sew-envy.

Oh, and as a bonus Allison is this super awesome LOCAL to me designer, which means I’ll probably actually get to meet her someday! How exciting is that???

Because she is so amazingly awesome, Allison is not only offering the pattern for $5 with the coupon code TOUR15 on her website E+M Patterns, but she is also giving everyone a chance to win a copy of the pattern PLUS another of your choice! Seriously. Too sweet. The trick with this one – visit each blog on their tour day and leave a comment to earn all your entries!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

K, so enter the contest. Then go check out Deb at SproutingJubeJube! She’s up today as well, and has something REALLY COOL to show you!!!

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