Rolled hems and gathers

When I woke up this morning I was determined to spend my entire day cutting and prepping patterns to work on M’s fall wardrobe and family Christmas gifts. 3 hours later, I decided I just didn’t feel like it any more.

The guilt kicks in…”She’s only at grandma and grandpa’s one more day! How can I waste all this time!”. Netflix gets turned on. Vicious cycle ensues.

Then I saw a bag of scraps from a disaster of a failed project. I recall ordering a gather foot in an effort to gather all those strips of disaster to attempt to salvage the fabric into another project. Then I remember ordering a rolled hem foot that I attempted to use once…and failed.


I think about the testing I’ve got going on right now on a FABULOUS designer’s dress, and the time I spent last night running trial and error on scraps to try and figure out what was going on with one aspect of the pattern. Various stitches, interfacings, and cursing later I feel satisfied that not only was I able to help the designer out, but I learnt some interesting new things about my machine. So why not keep it up?

Out came the gathering and rolled hem feet. I HATE gathering something furious, and I have one particular pattern I adore that calls for a rolled hem that I can’t seem to master.

Well, struggle no more! I give you rolled hems and gathers! I think it’s probably time to start that technique scrap book after all…


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