So there is this show. Dinosaur train. For those of you that don’t know it, think a crazy mashup of trains, dinosaurs, and rockabilly music. Seriously. It’s a toddler’s paradise. But of course, since it isn’t Dora or My Little Ponies, the amount of licenced fabric available seems to be quite limited. So when a lady in one of my various Facebook groups posted a few yards for destash, I had to jump on it.

Feeling proud of myself, and maybe a bit of a need to brag, I informed a good friend about my fantastic score. To which she replied she would LOVE something sewn up for her nephew out of it. Dammit.


So, in an effort to conserve as much fabric as possible, and still make something undeniably cute, I went on the hunt for a pattern that would delight even the pickiest of 3 year old boys. And what I found was the Sycamore Short pattern by Sew Like My Mom.


This pattern was wonderfully easy. Quick to cut, with a few great little shortcuts on preparing hems and casing before assembly. I struggled a little with the sizing chart, and that could entirely have been me, and just ended up guessing the appropriate size that I needed based on the elastic waistband measurement.


The pocket detail that Melissa uses is absolutely adorable, and has a variation for both girls and boys. It adds a little bulk when finishing your hems, but it was definitely worth it (ignore the little tuck that I fuddled up on – you don’t see it, ok?).


I will definitly make these again (maybe not Dinosaur Train however). The girl’s version has similar pockets, but with rounded tops instead of the straight edges. And the tips regarding preparing hems and casing BEFORE assembly were genius and something I hope to remember on future patterns.

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