Guppy Goodness

M loves Bubble Guppies. She has even started to sing along to the songs, which is absolutely adorable of course. In an effort to make her something that I knew she would recognize, I set out to buy Bubble Guppy fabric. Which apparently is essentially unattainable in Canada. I even polled moms on Facebook to see if they knew where to find it. The consensus – I was headed to the US.

Here is where Jo-Anns comes in. But of course, the first AND second stores I visit don’t have it. Luckily, the third one did. I even picked up some extra for a few of those Facebook moms who were looking for it as well. So, a few yards later and some cutting and shipping, and a few more Canadian mamas were Guppied up.


I once again went back to Dana from Dana Made It. I love her tutorials, and after using her pattern to make M’s new doll basket I knew I’d love the outcome of anything of hers I made.

I used her Circle Skirt Tutorial and got to work. I was going to dye the elastic, and even purchased the dye, but in all honesty I got lazy and skipped it.

The tutorial was awesome, and was so well outlined I didn’t screw up the math (I hate math. Just another reason I don’t quilt).


Next time I’ll make the skirt a little longer. With M’s toddler belly it ended up sitting askew and looking shorter in the back than the front. But since she wears leggings under it anyway, no biggie. Oh, and a directional print as a circle skirt – not the greatest idea. I just made sure the Guppies in the front were right side up. Cause really, who cares about the back?


Two things I love about it – she actually recognized the characters and it’s a super playable skirt. Seriously. She wears it everywhere for everything. Can you tell?



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