Making the Best Out of it

I have a weakness for anything Vintage. So when I found a gorgeous vintage print in some precious fall colours in a Facebook destash group, I just HAD to have it.

When the package finally arrived I was so disappointed to discover that the fabric had faded patches, essentially making the fabric impossible to really turn into something perfect. Plus side, when the seller found out she had missed the fading, she immediately sent me replacement fabrics to make up for it – gotta love the honesty and integrity of the sewing community.

But what to do with the original fabric? I washed it, tucked it away, and decided it would just be used for a muslin along the line somewhere. Then I found the Party Dress pattern from The Cottage Mama. I had purchased some Cat in the Hat fabric I wanted to use, but after learning with the Hummingbird Dress that my little can throw some loops in regards to recommended sizing, I figured I had better trial run it first. So, I now had the perfect use for my less than perfect fabric.

So, I was immensely lazy and cut corners (read a lack of pins and reinforcement stitching) and was pleasantly surprised with the result. Despite the fading, the dress was adorable, and M wore it to a big family BBQ a few weeks later. I had so many compliments on it, and despite my self-depreciation, everyone just thought that the fading was part of the ‘vintage’ feel.


I paid a bit for those cut corners – while trying the dress on her before the big party she decided to open up her arms as I was pulling it on and ‘rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiippppp’ went the back seam. Oh well. Once the sash is tied up no one is the wiser. And later this summer when we had family photos and our wonderful photographer suggested a field of tall grass I knew exactly which dress was going to be making it out there with us. As for the pattern itself, I truly don’t think I made any real changes. The fit is wonderful, the drape fo the dress is beautiful, and it’s truly a must have. The only recommendation I do have is to remember to un-tie that gorgeous bow at the back before loading your toddler into their car seat for a 2.5 hour drive home. I know now why the poor monkey never slept the whole way.

After falling in love with the dress, I decided to bring it along for the family photo shoot. So very happy I did!

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This is one free pattern that is definitely worth a sew, not to mention it helped me fall back in love with a fabric that I thought was a lost cause.

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