Wee Bit of Cute

One of M’s besties was about to get a new baby brother, and of course I see this as the perfect opportunity to bust out some fabric and the machine.

In my long hours of internet surfing I came across a perfect free newborn pattern on Titchy Threads’ site. Their Little Kid Kimono Set is free for 0-3 months, and is utterly adorable. I mean it – serious cuteness. Perfect.


Of course, in true to me fashion, I don’t read through the actual pattern before I totally commit to it. I pull out some great knit that I bought FOREVER ago (in other words I have no idea when) in an effort to bust some stash. So, here I am all cut out (totally backwards because I want the colour blocking of the fabric to sit a certain way) and I realize there are TWO, not one but TWO, new to me techniques in the pattern.

So, I officially learnt to shirr (SO much easier than I ever imagined) and to use a double needle! Again, so much easier than I imagined (despite the fact that I didn’t use a ballpoint for the double it turned out fantastic).


The only trouble I ran in to with the pattern was the fact that I cut it right side up instead of wrong side up, and considering the top is a kimono wrap and not symmetrical, well, I had to really think through a few steps (which, considering I sew super late at night took me some serious effort). But overall, the pattern was fantastic, very easy to interpret, and taught me a couple new techniques. I highly recommend sewing this one up – and really. You can’t beat free.

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