Up up we go!

My mother is impossible to shop for. Seriously, I know everyone says that about their mother, but she is especially difficult. Not to mention the odd comment gets dropped here and there about how I never make anything for her. So, when I saw the One Trip Up Stair Basket by Cozy Nest Designs, I KNEW my mother needed it. So – it was pinned. Then, a few weeks later when I saw it go on sale, well, I now own the One Trip Up Basket sewing pattern.

So mom and I had a HUGE shopping trip planned for a weekend down to Seattle. This was the first time I went shopping for solely selfish reasons – I had recently lost a bunch of weight and needed new clothing and had just vowed to make all clothing for M until 2015. So, fabric stores were on the list (along with thrift shops which is one of my fav places to get fabric) and mom got the oppotunity to pick out whatever fabric she loved. It was so hard trying to describe to her what I wanted from her without telling her what I was making – ‘it’s for your house, but you won’t see it all the time, don’t need something that matches your decor, pick something you love just cause you love it not cause it works with the rest of the house’. In the end, she founds something she loved, and I’m thrilled she picked it out. Her taste and mine is infinitely different, and it isn’t something I would have picked on my own.

This is definitely one of those patterns you need to measure twice and cut once – lots of rectangles and sharp corners. I do NOT recommend cutting late at night when you are tired like I did. I ended up with one of the 3 pockets being shorter than the other two – which wasn’t a big deal as I put it on the front and it added a bit more dimention to the finished project. I mean, I totally planned it that way to mix it up…

All of those corners and edges and lines beat me for sure. By the time I was done I discovered one side of the bag fed through my machine faster than the other, but I managed to keep it all covered up in the end. Also, the fabric that she chose for the lining has this evil evil stretch to it and was horrific to work with.

Of course, I am hugely critical of how the bag turned out. I’m actually incredibly hesitant to post the photo, as I’m not thrilled with how it turned out for me. I struggled with the larger dimensions while trying to manuever them around and through my sewing machine, and it shows. However…


She loved it! And she uses it! It’s like a double win for me. And of course, that was the whole point, right?


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