Itty Bitty Bed

One of the VERY first patterns I ever purchased was the Baby Doll Basket by Dana Made It. I wanted to make a soft bed for the little doll M was getting for her second birthday, and while there were a ton of very cute free tutorials out there, they were missing a certain something. That’s when I stumbled across this wonderful pattern.

Dana’s blog is a serious must follow for anyone out there who is learning (or even quite accomplished) when it comes to sewing. She has oodles of amazing tutorials, and within them so many amazing little tips and tricks to make your life easier. I often find myself reading the tutorial for something I know I may not make simply for all the little tips and tricks she throws out there in the process.

Anyway, I found the perfect print for the outside of the basket but was struggling to find the perfect liner. I have a confession – I have a colour deficiency, which means I struggle significantly to see the shades of a lot of colours. NOT a good thing when you’re attempting to coordinate fabric! So – out came the trusty cell phone and I fired a bunch of photos I *thought* worked to a fellow momma and quilter friend of mine the amazingly talented (and colour coordinated) Stacey of Stacey in Stitches.

I ended up with a great white on white chevron to go with my floral print and I was off!

Admittedly, there may have been a fair amount of cursing and swearing as I worked through this one. I AM NOT good with anything with a lot of interfacing and structure when I have to start to manipulate odd shapes through my machine (picture the tail end of the basket in my face as I’m attempted to sew the bias tape along the low end). But all that struggling was entirely due to my inexperience sewing something with so much shape and dimension, and thanks to an amazingly well written pattern and tutorial, I made it through.


I’m thrilled with the final product. I used a soft pink bias tape to finish the edges, and even tacked on a little tag to make it feel that much more special and handmade. I hope that when M is going through her toys many many MANY years from now to pass along to her own littles, that this one is lovingly passed along after years of play.

And I’d say little dolly looks pretty comfy too! Disclaimer: the bed had been well loved by the point of photos, so it’s definitely a little worse for wear. Just the way it should be.


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