Thrift Store Steal

So, despite the fact that I have accepted that my stash is above and beyond what I will likely sew through any time soon, I felt the need to stop at a local thrift store on my way to work. Now, I have at least set myself some rules – mainly that it needs to be an absolute must have item. No fillers, solids, etc.

So I start to puruse, picking up and putting down as I remind myself I don’t *need* it all. Then, the piece de resistance. There is a gorgeous un-cut, unwashed, 2 yard piece of Michael Miller Drama Queens.


Oh.My.Gosh. I have to have it. This absolutely falls within my “must have” parameters. So, for $4 I am the proud owner of absolutely gorgeousness.

Of course, ever proud of my purchase I jump online to see how good of a deal I’ve managed. And get this – it’s out of print and not a stitch of it in sight!



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