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Admittedly, I’m ridiculously new to sewing. When I was pregnant with M two and a half years ago, I convinced hubby that if I bought a sewing machine we could save a FORTUNE on all those things that I could make instead of us having to buy. It was like my version of nesting I guess. So, I’m a self-taught, YouTube sewist I guess.

Despite that, and the serious lack of formal training, I decided to attempt to make the most ADORABLE swimsuit ever when Sewpony posted a call-out for testers for her Cosi Swimsuit. Of course, that meant that it was just going into testing phase, which meant I wouldn’t get the pattern for like, ever.

Fast forward to an eternity later (ok, it seemed like it. It always does when the anticipation gets the better of you). I’m about to place myself on a VERY necessary and much dreaded spending hiatus. A full 30 days of NO purchases. Zero. Zip. Zilch.  So I plan a one day shopping frenzy to stock up on all those little notions etc I’m going to need (counter-productive, eh?). Which means I’m going to need fabric for my Cosi. But I don’t know how much, or which type, or or or…. And then the designer delays the release. And I’m panicked! Hours before I finished shopping, the Cosi is released, and I dive into the discount aisles at my local store and find two great activewear materials to get me going!

Ready to roll!

Ready to roll!

Cutting wasn’t as slippery as I’d dreaded. Not at all. And as long as you get pin happy and take your time using the awesome pointers in the tutorial that comes with the pattern when sewing the suit up, you’re laughing! The end result is adorable, and I’m thrilled with it. That being said however, I would do some things a little differently last time. I made the legs a little too wide for M – that’s entirely based on my incompetence on measuring her thighs, as the elastic measurements are completely up to you and not included in the pattern (as every little girl is different!). Also, the damn double needle beat me. Seriously. It worked great all along the top of the suit, and then again when stitching the black along the legs, but as soon as I switched out for the teal thread it WOULD NOT catch the bobbin stitches on one of the twin needles. Seriously. It drove me insane. And I wanted to cry and give up, but the suit was ALMOST done and it was so cute. So, I opted for the zig zag stitch option, and finished off the legs. Not like you would see those stitches anyway.

About to attach the elastic

About to attach the elastic

And bonus – finished in time for our summer vacation and appointment with our amazing Lisa at End of the Road Photography. Which means I got glamorous photos of M in her super-duper adorable suit.

Beach Bum Beauty

Beach Bum Beauty

And did I mention it’s totally a very play friendly suit? Madly madly in love.




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