30 days done

Well, it’s been 30 days of no shopping. Seriously. 30 whole days of no fabric, no notions, no patterns. Nothing. And while I may not have completed nearly any of the sewing I had hoped to do, I am still so proud of myself for not caving and spending money.
It was worth it. I needed to take a big step back after spending $1000 on a weekend road trip and returning with an entire trunk of thrift store fabric finds. And I’ve learnt to plan out my attack and started a board for all those patterns that M would look fabulous in for fall. No more impulse buys – pin instead and make sure I still love them a week later. Because if I can’t handle them a week later, I definitely won’t want to dress her in them!
So – what did I buy? One of the patterns on my fall wardrobe board went on sale. I couldn’t help myself. So I added the Bluebell Dress from My Childhood Treasures to my pattern stash. And maybe some fabric from Value Village that would be perfect for it too…maybe.

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